Bruno & Boris
Friends for life!

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The Author

Mirjam Barner was born in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany). She grew up in Bielefeld and moved to London (England) later. When her son, who was born in London was two years old, she decided to move back to Germany. She has been living in Berlin sínce 1999. Mirjam went to Acting School first, to become an actress. Since 2017 she is also working as an Author. Mirjam has worked as a nanny for 10 years and was a English tutor in nurserys and primary schools. Her love for children and animals, as well as her imagination is expressed in her book. This first book is the first one out of a series. Mirjam has just started to write the second book of „Bruno and Boris“.

The Illustrator

Simone Fischer  Web:



The main Characters

Bruno from Potsdam-Eiche (near Berlin, Germany) was a giant-schnauzer dog, who was quite famous in the small town. His friendly and loveable nature will always stay in the memories of all the people who had the pleasure to meet him. Bruno loved his food, which he always eat within seconds. He enjoyed hunting foxes and birds, which he never caught, of course and to play with dog sticks, which his master Mathias  had to try to get  out of Brunos snout and then the game started over and over again until Bruno  got tired. Afterwards they went home,  layed on the carpet and cuddled for a while.

Boris from Potsdam-Eiche is a cat,  he lives across the road from Bruno. He likes to be around people and loves to relax in the hammock, in summertime. Sometimes he sneaks up in the bedroom, to lie down on the bed for hours, when his master and family are not at home. Occasionally he accompanies the kids to school,because he enjoys beeing around children a lot. He is a lovely, calm cat, full of new ideas.

Story and message of the book

This book is about Bruno the giant-Schnauzer and Boris the neighbours cat, from Potsdam-Eiche, (close to Berlin/Germany). Bruno and Boris experience a lot of exciting adventures together and meet other animals along the way. They also take a trip to England. This book shows, how important it is, to have friends, to have love for each other, stand up for one another and to be loyal.